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Why do video game movies always fail?

Video game movies mostly always fail. I think this isn’t too controversial an opinion to have. Heck, there have been about two decades worth of evidence to back up my claim. But why is this? Especially when we have video games becoming cinematic in their own... read more

Ready Player One – A Flawed, yet enjoyable romp.

Warning: My post will spoil Ready Player One – both the 2011 book and the 2018 movie. I should start this post by stating the fact that I read Ready Player One twice and I listened to the audiobook of it twice (Wil Wheaton’s narration was an absolute pleasure!),... read more

The Mummy – Less The Mummy, more the Mummy-in-Law

(The one you hate) This post will contain spoilers Let’s talk about the Mummy franchise – the one that ran from 1999 until 2008. It starred Brendan Fraiser, who, at that time, was at the absolute peak of his career. He was likeable, heroic, and a fantastic... read more

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What makes an interesting villain?

Beware – this post will spoil Big Hero 6. You know what makes a villain interesting to me? Someone you can relate to and even share a level of empathy towards them. These are people who are, indeed, villainous and yet you can’t help but see their side of... read more

Who had the greatest cameo?

The best cameo? Cate Blanchett in Hot Fuzz. “What? Cate Blanchett was in Hot Fuzz?”, I hear you shout. “I’ve seen that movie a gazillion times and never saw her” You remember Nick’s ex, who was working a crime scene in the very beginning? Her. That’s Cate Blanchett.... read more

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6 days ago
Hi @ParcelMotel do you still send text messages when packages are ready for collection at my drop off point? I received email notification, but no text.
2 weeks ago
#Google's #captcha makes me doubt if I actually know what traffic lights really are...
2 weeks ago
The issue with #onlinegames set during #ww2 is that even if the Axis teams win the match, they still lose the war..