Join me on an adventure.


My name is Dan. But you’ve probably guessed that by now.

This site is about me. And you’ve probably guessed that by now too.

Now that I have reached my 30s, I have realized that my life needs a change, that I need to become a better version than I am now. And I’m going to do it publicly, because I feel like having people reading this (and getting involved) will make me actually do it, instead of making lists and not actually following through with them, which is what usually is what happens.

And this is where you, dear reader, come in.

I want you to help me. Suggest things (to find out how, please visit here), get involved, and also let me know how you either want to improve your life or how you’re actively doing it now. If you’ve done it, then I absolutely want to hear from you. You can do this by following me on Facebook, on Twitter, or by dropping me a mail at dan@nobetterdan.com.

You ready?

Good, let’s go.