Behavioural Marketing – What the %@$” is it?2 min read

Behavioural Marketing – What is it?

So, you’re interested in Behavioural Marketing. Great! You should be. It’s how you can turn a passive observer into a customer who is actively giving you money, their information, or anything else that your business deems valuable.

But what exactly is Behavioural Marketing?

What is behavioural marketing?

This will be the first of a number of guides on Behavioural Marketing and how you can utilise it in whatever you do!

The Shoe Shop Problem

Behavioural Marketing - The Shoe Shop Problem

Picture this.

You’re new in town & you go into a shoe shop somewhere. You have no idea what you’re looking for and you’re just casually browsing.

As you’re meandering around the shelves a very well-meaning store attendant comes up to you. They ask if you want help, start showing you completely random shoes.

They tell you about different sizes and brands and keep pestering you about specials. At one point, for a totally unknown reason, they start showing me women’s and children’s shoes.

And then you – or at least – most certainly I – leave.

I came into a shoe shop I wasn’t familiar with, uncertain about what I wanted, and then I receive this barrage of pointless & sometimes incorrect information.

Now, let’s change the scenario:

The shop attendant comes over, sees that I’m over at the hiking shoes. They remember that it’s still early in the year, make an assumption that I am looking to start hiking as a New Years’ resolution, and, finally, make an informed assumption that I am more likely to purchase something.

Next, they ask me about the kind of hiking I want to do, showing me a shoe that they have determined might be a good suit. And I buy those hiking shoes – even though I came in with no intentions. And, for some totally unknown reason, I end up purchasing a pair of walking sticks and water-proof pants.

That is what Behavioural Marketing is. It’s the process of giving information & ads based on information, behaviours, and their past actions.

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Great! But what can I actually do with it?

Let’s move away from the Shoe Shop analogy for now – it served its purpose – and instead shift our attention to the world of e-commerce.

Behavioural marketing – both on- & off-site – can serve so many purposes.

  • Collection of email addresses
  • Serving ads on your website at the right time
  • Email marketing
  • Retargeting/remarketing ads

And there you have it. This is an extremely basic overview of what behavioural marketing is and exactly how you can utilise it. In upcoming guides I’ll walk you through how you can use it to get emails, people’s information, & even getting them to purchase from you!