The difficulty of making friends as an adult.1 min read

So here’s the thing. Making friends is really difficult.

Remember when you were younger, in school or college or whatever, and it was just so easy to make friends? You could practically walk up to someone and say, “hey, you seem cool, want to hang out?”

And then you grow up, become an adult, and suddenly.. it just seems more difficult. Much much more difficult making friends.

You walk up to someone different and their first reaction (and, gotta be honest, mine too) is “what do you want?” followed by “what are you trying to sell me/what charity do you belong to?” followed shortly by “please don’t steal my wallet”.

At what point did we (or at least I) become so suspicious of other people? So quick to cast doubt and just be so … cynical?

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And then you have these meetup groups, that I check out every now and then and they’re always about self-development and learning and networking when all I want to do is play hide and go seek with a bunch of people, play tag, or just roll down a grassy hill.

But I digress.

It just feels like it should be so much easier to meet friends. And that’s what I want to do. People I can just hang out with and have fun with. I wish I could just walk up to someone and say, “hey, do you want to do something?” It would be excellent if I could just do that. Something fun. It would make making friends so much easier.

Who wants to roll down a hill with me?

Making friends sucks. Let's roll down a hill.