Thirteen Reasons Why – Tough to binge-watch, but worth the effort.1 min read

Thirteen Reasons Why is a tough watch, but worth the time.
Netflix Thirteen Reasons Why





Hannah Baker commits suicide.

A few days later her friend, Clay Jensen, receives a package containing a series of tapes – explaining her thirteen reasons for her act.

Sounds bleak?

It is. And I think it needs to be.

First things first, it is a really interesting premise with an intriguing method of telling the story; Katherine Langford, who superbly plays Hannah Baker, narrates large parts of the story. Dylan Minnette’s Clay Jensen struggles through the story. The tapes detail how a cast of characters contributed to her suicide – bringing light to many secrets.

What we are faced with in Thirteen Reasons Why is a very brave show on Netflix’s behalf – one which details suicide, the ensuing grief, sexuality, & a feeling of being lost – what it feels to be growing up in a world where rumours & stories are spread quicker than ever before, with the use of text messaging & social media.

Within Thirteen Reasons are fantastically strong performances from a cast of young actors, which seems to be Netflix’s forté with their other excellent series, Stranger Things.

There is an important reason for the bleakness of the story – it shows a realistic portrayal of what happens to the people that we leave behind. This is something that isn’t often depicted in TV shows, especially ones geared towards younger people. In this, there is grief, there is a sense of overwhelming loss, which people can never get back from – it feels real.

It is an extremely tough watch, but it is definitely worth your time. I am currently on Episode 8 out of the total 13 and will update this post when I have finished with my final thoughts.