Getting the most out of your Google searches!

A few years back (I’ve no idea how long ago, to be honest) I discovered in some computer magazine that there exist these hidden tricks within Google to get the best out of their search engine

Being an adult sucks

I’m in my 30s now and I’m no wiser about the world than I was when I was in my 20s. Sure, I’m more confident in myself and who I am – that is for certain, so I guess that is something. But surely

Ultimate Guide to Audiobooks You Need to Get.

Want to find out what the best audiobooks are? Not sure what to spend your money on? Before I begin – This is probably going to end up being one big advertisement for Audible. I can’t help it

The difficulty of making friends as an adult.

Remember when you were younger, in school or college or whatever, and it was just so easy to make friends? You could practically walk up to someone and say, “hey, you seem cool, want to hang out?”

First post woes.

What to write? What. To. Write? That always seems the most difficult part of a blog. First part of, well, everything. The trying to figure out exactly where this site… Read more »